Oh, Today is a Big Day for You!

As we walked into our Fertility Clinic, we walked up to the check-in counter. The receptionist looked up from her computer, and smiled a big smile. She greeted us, and checked her schedule for where we needed to go…then said, “Oh, today is a big day for you".

Yes, it was a big day! Yesterday, we had Phase 2 of our IVF Journey! Phase 1, was medication. Phase 2, the egg collection. At this point, all of our appointments have been on the first or second floor. When we set the date for our procedure, I told Aaron, we are moving up to the third floor.

It wasn’t until we got up to the third floor, where it hit me…up to this point, Aaron had been the nervous one. I was nervous, but I got really nervous, when the elevator doors opened to, not an open floor, but a locked floor. The floor was locked, because they don’t want just anyone coming into that area. I will admit, the emotions hit…they hit hard.

Thankfully, I had my guy with me…and together, we persevered through the unknown…and the locked doors.

Once we entered, took off our shoes, and put on slippers.

We were escorted into our room. This would be the room I recovered in, after the procedure…that they kept calling an “operation". We were very pleased, and happy to see some color…and to have some air conditioning! Wow, what a blessing that was.

We filled out and signed some forms. We talked to the anesthesiologist. I put on the “night shirt" I had brought to wear during the procedure, and walked to the operating room.

There is a moment of surrealness when I am laying on the table, and everyone around me is speaking Czech. At this point, there is no sense in me trying to figure out what they are saying. They asked me to sign a form, which I did (although Aaron mentioned he signed it too, and couldn’t recognize my supposed signature). The next thing I remember, they were putting my IV in (my very first one…ever), and allowing some nice smelling air from a mask surround my face…then, I hear, “Julie, Julie", “legs first"…they were trying to get me on the bed in the recovery room. Thankfully, the only things I said were, “I feel like a brick." and “I want a cheeseburger". Then I slept.

I would wake up every once in a while…ready to go home…so, I forced my self awake and to try and chat with Aaron. The nurses came to check on me, and give me fluids through my IV. Then, they brought in some hot tea and graham crackers. Since I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink…I was happy.

The doctor came in, and said everything was good and great. They were able to harvest quite a few eggs. Then, later the embryologist came in to discuss the next step. The eggs are being fertilized over the next few days, and will grow to be strong and healthy. Once they reach a certain stage, I will return for the transfer.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and prayer. We really could not make this journey alone…and even though it has been uncomfortable to share at times, I am thankful to people all over the world prayer for us and our miracle! Keep praying the next few days, for the embryos to continue to grow and mature. And pray as well, for my body to receive them and produce our miracle!