Let the Second Trimester Begin!

It is hard to believe that the second trimester is about to begin. What a crazy whirlwind the first trimester has been. Around the beginning of the third month, I had quite a bit more energy and wasn’t always sick. The last week, it has returned a bit…as Aaron was bringing me water as my head was in the toilet, his words were, “How much longer does the sickness last?" I said, hopefully this will be it. Praying it is true. I mean, I am sure after going downtown last week in the 80+ degree weather with no relief (no air conditioning in this country!)…and Aaron carrying my purse through Prague because I was so dragging so bad…he is praying for relief too.

Aaron’s Third Month Portrait of Me…he caught a fun candid moment.
We have known we are pregnant since July, however, in the Czech Republic, it became official last week. (more on this later!) I mentioned on the last update that we had an interesting doctor’s visit (as in, not so great!), we were hoping on our second run at it would be a bit different. After looking at the receipt for that first appointment, it was to consult and confirm pregnancy, this visit was to be the First Trimester Check-Up. We won’t mention that the confirmation was two weeks away from the beginning of the Second Trimester and we were pretty sure the IVF was successful after three home pregnancy tests, blood tests and three ultrasounds :-) …but that is how they do it here. Yes…we needed to confirm I was truly pregnant. I’m glad we got that sorted out.

This time, we had a nicer doctor, who spoke much better english. The nurse took a bit of blood. (and by a bit I mean a bucket.) Of course, while they are taking it, she is explaining all the important information to me. I was just looking at Aaron, hoping he was getting it, because I was focused on not screaming with a massive needle in my hand and I was starting to get a little woozy…could have been nerves, may have been blood loss.

She explained quite a few things. On my next appointment, I will choose between her and the first doctor (…no thank you!) However, whomever we choose will be our doctor, it will change to our delivery doctor around the (garbled and unintelligible) week. While her english is great, languages are funny…Americans have trouble when we speak Czech with 9, 19’s and 20’s because they sound very similar. For Czech people they have trouble saying their "13,14,15’s" and “th" sounds in English, so when she said we will choose our upon the 13th week…it's suspect!!! We started playing detective in our conversation and questions to figure out if she really meant 13th or something else…turns out, it was something else. in this case 13th meant 30th. We will choose or delivery doctor on the 30th week.

The hospital that our clinic works with, will send about 4-5 delivery doctors over. They come for a few hours each week, and from them, I will choose the delivery doctor. Thankfully, they will come to the clinic for our check-ups and we won’t need to travel to the hospital, until we are 9 months in and, “we hear that train a-comin’, to quote Aaron’s favorite Johnny Cash song. All good information to know and understand. Then, I had an ultrasound…it was my first stomach ultrasound…which was pretty exciting for me. Our sweet little miracle, popped up on the screen. Baby Davis even jumped up and down a few times for us…it was quite amazing to behold!

Baby Davis in-between jumping up and down.

After the ultrasound, we went back to the desk to continue our discussion…this is when we received our “Pregnancy Book". it’s a small paper booklet, about the size of a passport, but the finish looks like a brochure you might see for a Branson resort in the lobby of a Springfield IHOP (Did I mention that their strawberry cheesecake pancakes are on my pregnancy brain?!) …anyways, I was told to carry this book with me everywhere I go. At each visit, the nurse will add new information about where I am in my pregnancy and other important information…I’m thinking, in case of an emergency. The interesting thing about all of this was, the doctor and the nurse both congratulated me, several times each, about receiving my Pregnancy Book. They were smiling, shaking our hands and thrilled to hand it to me.
Me and My Pregnancy Book!

This was an interesting thing to me. When we started talking about it later, we laughed a little, as we thought…here in the 11th week, they have officially declared that we are going to have a baby. Not because of what they see or hear on the ultrasound, but because I got “the book". It is a bit of odd thinking to us. From the moment we learned we had a positive test, we knew there was a sweet little baby growing inside of me…we didn’t need to wait until that sweet miracle looked like a little person, we knew immediately.

Now, even though the book seems odd to us…it does come with a few magical powers. All I have to do is flash this book on the metro or bus, and someone has to give me their seat. I can also receive preferred parking in some areas of the city as well. Not too bad…I guess I can carry the book around if I need to.


This month, I have experienced some cravings. One being, MEXICAN! Partially, those frozen bean and cheese burritos. No such luck finding them here, so Aaron and I searched the city and found a little Mexican Store in the back lot of a side street, behind buildings. There, we found most of the makings for a BURRITO ENCHILADA STYLE…pretty much like The Ville (Mexican Villa)! Other cravings have been, Strawberry New York Cheesecake Pancakes from IHOP…again, found a copy cat recipe, and produced it. It is fun trying to make new things…especially when, you mind and stomach just won’t let it go. Thanks to my awesome husband for going above and beyond to make them happen, I am ever so thankful…and so is Baby Davis.